cindy and barrett in front of their keystone cougar fifth wheel

Full Time RVer Cindy Shares Her Experience With Us!

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2020)

Hi RVshare readers! My name is Cindy, and since November of 2018, I’ve been living as a full time RVer in a Keystone Cougar fifth wheel, with my husband, Barrett, and our two cats. RVshare has invited me to write a guest post once a month with entertaining, first-hand stories from the road and I could not be more pumped!

has invited me to write a guest post once a month with entertaining, first-hand stories from the road and I could not be more pumped!

You may find yourself wondering right now how someone gets into the full-time RV lifestyle. Well, we’d been living in big cities, and yet regularly taking trips outside of them. Over time, it started becoming evident that the big cities weren’t working for us anymore. A different kind of life started calling to us, one with more scenery and fewer buildings. But the ultimate question was, where do we go next? We couldn’t pick. I started trying to convince Barrett that the most straightforward solution was to spend some time exploring and that we could still earn an income from the road while we were on our hunt. Eventually, one day he came home and agreed! So our current goal is to learn all about what America has to offer and ultimately find a place that fits us best, where we can plant ourselves permanently.

I plan to make this monthly article particularly great for anyone thinking about renting an RV. Perhaps you’re nervous because you’ve never rented one before. Or maybe you’ve never RVed at all. Well, that’s where we started! We knew nothing and Camping World still decided it was a good idea to take our money, give us a set of keys and set us loose on the open road.

I have not personally used RVshare, but I love what they offer for one primary reason: you can take small beginner trips in different RVs with no commitment to purchase and figure out what fits best for you! We’ve realized one of the biggest mistakes we made, in the beginning, was not taking those small test trips. It was recommended to us by many, but we were eager to get on the road before the first snowfall, so we just started and went full-on crash course into this whole RV thing. Sure, choosing that path did get us out of the cold, but it also made us a hot mess in the beginning. You do not have to follow our example. If we were to start over again, I’d spend a year renting, figuring out whether we wanted to tow or not, how much living space we truly needed and the basics about how all things work in an RV. Renting allows you to learn what fits you best.

I’m not kidding when I say we knew NOTHING about RVs when we started this journey. I was a city girl, and Barrett was a coddled man from the country. Neither of us knew anything about propane, big-scale towing, the difference between 30 AMP and 50 AMP or 120 volts and 240 volts, but man, we sure do now! And what I have learned is, there was never a reason to be afraid. I firmly believe if we can do this, anyone can do this!

Our biggest takeaway so far has been that every problem has a solution. All we’ve needed to do was take a deep breath, pull out our phones or get on google and figure it out! Also, one more secret we’ve uncovered is, RVing is an excellent lifestyle to attempt knowing nothing because you’re in great company. We have found RVers and campers in general to be some of the friendliest and most helpful people on the planet!

So please join me here once a month. I promise to do my best to entertain you with lessons learned from the road and hope to inspire you to take the leap and give RVing a try!

You can see more about our journey at Please feel free to email me with any questions about RV life!

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