Renovations, Swap-Outs a​nd Fun Gadgets

This part of the site is going to be a look inside the RV! It will be about all of the renovations, swap-outs and fun gadgets we use in our daily lives that have helped make RV life work for us.

When we bought our Austin house, back in 2016, I was a bit fearful of changing ANYTHING inside of it. In my mind, I knew exactly what the house’s value was in that moment, and anything I would possibly be doing to it from then on out would be altering that value, for the better or, the worse. We thought it was perfect the way it was, and we tried our best to keep it exactly how it was.

But investing in an RV is different. You know it’s only going to depreciate as you keep rolling down the road. So we figured, why not make it specifically into the place we want to live?! We’ve been working on that since we’ve moved in! Check out the changes below. I’ll be adding updates regularly.