Locals Know Best Podcast Ep. 028: That Cabin Cozy Feel in Flagstaff, Arizona

Cindy Scott

Introduction to the Episode

Welcome to the twenty-eighth episode of Locals Know Best! I’m your host, Cindy. I’m a full-time RVer and lover of all things travel-related. Years of adventuring on the road have taught me one fundamental lesson; locals ALWAYS know best! Every episode of this podcast will dive into one local’s perfect day of outdoor adventure in their town!

Today, I’ll be speaking with Sam To about how to make the most of an outdoorsy trip in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Join Sam and me on a “choose your own level of adventure” summer day! Options range from hiking, biking, and swimming, to car touring and leisurely taking in Flagstaff’s beauty from up in the treetops.

The View From Humphreys Peak in Flagstaff Arizona
From Humphreys Peak

About Sam To

Sam To, podcast guest who is local to Flagstaff Arizona

Connect with Sam about Flagstaff on Instagram!

Sam works on the COVID-19 response team for the state of Arizona in a position that is 100% remote from home, which she has found to be pretty fantastic!

She lives with her husband, Will, her daughter, Lucy, and dog Pop.

Lucy is 1-year-old and has already joined them on numerous day trips, camping trips, and vacations all over Arizona! She’s even gone paddle boarding with them!

While Sam loves to spend time outdoors playing disc golf, hiking, kayaking, and sledding, she also equally enjoys beer tasting, pizza, and vegging on the couch while binging tv!

It quite honestly sounds like the epitome of balance to me!

In this episode, she does a great job of explaining why Flagstaff is the perfect place for all of those activities and more!

Elder Lookout Trail in Flagstaff Arizona
Walnut Canyon in Flagstaff Arizona
Walnut Canyon

Listen to the Episode

What We Cover in This Episode

  • What makes Flagstaff an excellent snowbird destination for Arizonans.
  • The landscapes that make Flagstaff so different than the rest of Arizona.
  • Why a Flagstaff winter is different than an east coast winter.
  • The variety of destinations that are located within a couple hours drive of Flagstaff.
  • What makes Flagstaff so incredible for outdoors lovers!
  • The best and worst times of year to visit Flagstaff.
  • Where to stay in Flagstaff – including a haunted hotel and a free spot!
  • How easy it is to get around Flagstaff.
  • The best spots for coffee and breakfast in Flagstaff.
  • A fantastic way to spend your morning outdoors in the area, including long and short hiking options, as well as a driving adventure option.
  • The best spots in the area to see waterfalls, petroglyphs, and wildflowers.
  • Beautiful outdoors destinations that are also historical and educational.
  • A butcher shop with delicious sandwiches.
  • A gondola ride perfect for immersing yourself in nature.
  • The best spots for dinner and happy hour in Flagstaff.
  • All of the local lakes, creeks, and amazing summer water activities in the surrounding area.
  • Alternatives to discover when Slide Rock State Park is packed.
  • The most popular Flagstaff winter activities.
  • A few of the best Instagram spots in the area.
  • The most overrated hike in Flagstaff and where you should be hiking instead.
Sunset Crater in Flagstaff Arizona
Sunset Crater

Sam’s Flagstaff, AZ Travel Itinerary Map


The smell of the pines, the sound of the wind through the trees. I don’t think that you could experience that anywhere near us. This little gem of a town in the middle of all of these giant forests in Arizona, I think, is the biggest surprise. It’s a nice little treat, in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by desert.

Sam To

It’s a nice little community that you get to feel a part of when you come to visit. It takes you to a different place, whether you live here or whether you’re just visiting. I think it’s just cozy all around.

Sam To

Links to Places Mentioned in this Episode

Where to Stay in Flagstaff, AZ:

Lockett Meadow in Flagstaff Arizona
Lockett Meadow

Flagstaff, AZ Area Outdoor Activities Mentioned in the Episode:

Lake Mary in Flagstaff Arizona
Lake Mary

Flagstaff, AZ Area Restaurants & Breweries Mentioned in this Episode:

Kendrick Peak in Flagstaff Arizona
Kendrick Peak

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