LKB 009: Lake County, California, A Place to Come & Decompress

Lake County Cover Photo Podcast

Introduction to the Episode

Lake County Mountain Lookout

Welcome to the ninth episode of Locals Know Best! I’m your host, Cindy. I’m a full-time RVer and lover of all things travel-related. Years of adventuring on the road have taught me one fundamental lesson; locals ALWAYS know best! Every episode of this podcast will dive into one local’s perfect day of outdoor adventure in their town!

In this episode, I’ll be speaking with Tony and Peggy Barthel, publishers of the Stress Less Camping podcast and enthusiasts and tourism ambassadors for California’s Lake County. 

Lake County Mountain Lookout

Join Tony, Peggy, and me on a tour of Lake County, California. We start our day at a unique bed and breakfast, get in some time on the lake, take in beautiful views, search for a local coveted treasure as well as eat and drink lots of goodies along the way!

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About Tony and Peggy Barthel

Tony and Peggy Headshot

Visit Tony and Peggy’s Blog & Podcast – StressLess Camping

Tony and Peggy have a website, YouTube channel, and podcast devoted to making the great American RV adventure a stressless camping experience. Their platforms are chock-full of RV deals, discounts, tips, and hacks.

What We Cover in This Episode

  • A really unique spot to stay at in Lake County, California.
  • The best time of year to visit Lake County, California.
  • Learn about a million-year-old lake that shrinks at the same time it grows and why that lake draws bass fishers from all over North America.
  • The best way and spot to watch a large number of grebes.
  • The best hike in the county.
  • A unique local green energy source.
  • A specific deep-fried delight in the Lake County area.
  • One spot where you can embark on an adventure along with your wine tasting.
  • A musical hidden secret of Lake County.
  • The best way to take in the stars in the midst of the Dark Sky community.
  • The best Lake County, California picture spots.
  • What separates Lake County wineries from Napa County wineries.
All Rights Reserved Photo by Julian Jenkins


It’s just such a place to slow down and just take in nature. Just being in a place that’s slower and wider. There are no parking fees anywhere. … So much an easier pace and easier place. You can go to the place you want. You can park there. You can walk around. And just not be crowded into busy city streets.

Peggy Barthel

These wineries up here are really the passion of an individual or family. And so you can feel that. You can hear their philosophy in how they grow and produce these wines. …. It’s a very different experience to talk to wineries at this level, as opposed to really big commercial operations. 

Tony Barthel

There’s plenty to do. Especially if you enjoy nature and outdoor activities, and all of that. It’s a pretty cool place.

Tony Barthel

If you want to decompress and see people who really care about the community and get that authentic small-town feel, but with big-city quality musicians and food, Lake County’s a great place to come. And we’re only a couple of hours from Sacramento or San Francisco.

Tony Barthel

Tony & Peggy’s Lake County, CA Travel Itinerary Map

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4 Replies to “LKB 009: Lake County, California, A Place to Come & Decompress”

  1. We’ve lived in San Diego for years and have never even heard of this place! So much left to discover. I’m always just distracted by wine tasting up there in Napa/Sonoma! Will have to give this a listen. 🙂

    1. I know! There’s always a new place to find out about! Fun Fact I discovered while recording this episode: Many of the grapes in Napa wines come from Lake County!

  2. Hiking in Lake County sounds awesome! I haven’t traveled much through Northern California, so I’m not surprised Lake County has so many cool things that I didn’t know about! It was a great listen!

    1. Thank you so much for listening! ❤️

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