How to Keep Calm while Parking your Camper

How to Keep Calm while Parking your Camper

In RV life, there are plenty of situations that are capable of turning a pleasant day sour. Converters fail, refrigerator fuses go out, and trucks breakdown. Mechanical disruptions are an inevitable part of this lifestyle, but a fair tradeoff when you also think of all of the good that comes along with full-time RV living. […]

How to Pick the Best RV Park to Stay at During Your Trip – Part Two

Grand Haven State Park

Getting ready for a trip, but not sure how to pick the best RV park for your stay? To make the process of figuring out where to hunker down a bit easier, last month, I laid out the five most important topics you should consider before booking a spot. They are: What amenities do you […]

How to Pick the Best RV Park to Stay at During Your Trip – Part One

Traverse City State Park

So, you’re planning a trip with your newly rented or purchased RV. How exciting! It’s likely you already know where you want to go and what you want to be doing there. After all, those tend to be the first decisions made when planning a getaway. But you may not be as sure about where you want […]

How to Find an RV Park Near National and State Parks During Peak Season

Van Driving in Grand Teton National Park

Lately, the weather has been warming up all across the United States. Odds are good you’re starting to dream about getting away from the hustle and bustle. Perhaps you’re pondering a trip out to one of our beautiful national or state parks. You’re not the only one. Summer is the most popular time for Americans […]

The Top 12 Gadgets You Need After Purchasing Your First RV

Walmart rv aisle

These are the Top 12 Gadgets you need to buy after purchasing your first RV – Plus one more for those who travel with cats! Once we purchased our Fifth Wheel, everyone started telling us about all of the things we NEEDED to buy for our new full-time RV life. We only bought one of […]

RV Life Q&A: What has been the most difficult part of adjusting to RV life?

Cindy sitting in RV with slides in

Last week I took to Instagram/Facebook and asked what you wanted to know about RV life, and boy did you guys deliver! Thank you for all of your questions! I’ve now got topics for Q&As for days! This question though, the one asking what has been the most challenging part of RV life so far, […]