4 Important Questions That Will Help You Choose Between Van Life or RV Life

Cindy in Escape Campervan

Hi there! I’m Cindy, and I’ve been a full-time RVer with my husband Barrett and our two furry cat friends for almost two years. So far, my life path has involved growing up in and attending college in Michigan, then moving from big city to big city, including New York, Los Angeles, and Austin, chasing […]

A Practical Guide on How to Prepare for a 2020 Summer RV Road Trip

Cougar at Glacier

Alright, it’s May 2020, and a lot of us, introverted or extroverted, have had enough of sitting at home. We’ve all missed out on a trip or experience by now, and for many, the itch for travel to re-enter our lives is becoming real. The big question, though, is, “How do we travel again?” Enter […]

20+ Holiday Gift Ideas for Full-Time RVers in 2019

tree in rv

Welcome to the 2019 Full-Time RVers Holiday Gift Guide! With 20+ Gift Ideas for Full-Time RVers that they would love to recieve this upcoming holiday gift giving season. The holidays are here! And no matter which of them you personally celebrate, it’s pretty much a guarantee you’ll be going shopping at least once or twice […]